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Important Beach Safety

      Please read and follow these regulations

  1. Beach fires must be at least 50 feet from dune grass.
  2. Fireworks should be set off only at the beach, 50 feet from the dune grass.
  3. When swimming and playing in or near the ocean, please consider the following:
    1. There are dangerous undertows offshore.
    2. Logs in or near the ocean are easily moved by the ocean. Even huge logs are easily moved by the surf.
    3. Beware of sneaker waves.  DO NOT turn your back to the ocean.
    4. Average temperature of water is 50-55 degrees. Hypothermia can set in within 15 minutes.
    5. Never swim alone.
For more on beach safefy, click below:

Beach Safety - Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Please also check out a Tsunami Guide for the Region HERE

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Time on Your Vacation!